PhD  2020   Art History and Visual Culture, York University, Toronto, Canada.


MA    2015  Art History and Theory, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.


BFA  2013   Visual Art Specialization (studio), minor in Gender Studies, University of Ottawa, Cum Laude.



Professional Experience and Affiliations


Contract Professor/Course Director and Lecturer. York University, Toronto. Department of Art History.

ARTH 2250 Islamic Art and Architecture: 7th Century to Contemporary Art. Winter 2018


Course Tutorial Instructor, York University. Department of Visual Arts.

2015- Present VISA 1000 Critical Issues in the Studio (foundations studio course for all BFA students)

2015- Present VISA 1110 The Photographic Experience (digital photography studio, technical course)


Course Tutorial Instructor, Carleton University. Department of Art History.

2013-2015 ARTH 1100 Art And Society: Prehistory to the Renaissance

2013-2015 ARTH 1101 Art and Society: Renaissance to the Present


Archival Assistant and Project Researcher at Library and Archives Canada. Culture, Specialized Media

and Descriptions Division. June 2013-2015       


The Faculty of Fine Arts (Department of Visual Arts) Tenure and Promotion Adjudicating Committee,

York University.


Researcher and Arab Specialist for Dr. Ming Tiampo’s Curatorial Project with the Guggenheim Museum,

New York. September 2014-2015


Conference Organizer and Event Planner for Carleton University’s Centre for Transnational Cultural

Analysis, September 2014- 2015              


Board of Director for The Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity 2012- 2014


Principle Researcher at The Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity 2012- 2013


Curatorial Assistant to Professor Penny Cousineau-Levine, University of Ottawa. Sept. 2012- 2013          


Academic Assistant to Professor Penny Cousineau-Levine, University of Ottawa. February 2012- 2013


Lab Technician at the Photography and Media Office: University of Ottawa. September 2011- 2013




Member of the of the Universities Art Association of Canada (UAAC) July 2016-Present


Member of the College Art Association of America (CAA) June 2017-Present


Member of the Arab Canadian Studies Research Group (ACANS) Feb 2014- Present


Member of the International Association For Visual Culture (IAVC) Aug 2017-Present

Member of the Royal Anthropological Institute, England UK (RAI) February 2018-2019


Grants, Fellowships, Awards

2020  Provost Dissertation Scholarship, awarded to the top six PhD’s graduating from York University for

           outstanding PhD dissertation and doctoral projects ($30,000)


2019   Zdenka Volavka Research Fellowship in Art History, York University ($6,000)


2019   Graduate Research Development Fund, York University ($1,450)


2019   Young-Rahn Woo Memorial Graduate Award in Asian Art, York Centre for Asian Research, York

            University ($12,500)


2019  Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS), York University ($15,000)


2019  Research Cost Fund, York University ($2,500)


2018  Visiting Scholar Fellowship, Salzburg International Academy of Fine Arts, Austria. Participant of Global Academy Project- Developing Art in a Global Context. ($4,000)


2018 Visiting Scholar Fellowship, German Documentation Centre for Art History and the Image Archive Foto Marburg (DDK), Marburg Germany. Participant in International Research Seminar on Photography and Society ($6,000)


2018 Osgoode Law Research Fellowship in Transnationalism and Human Rights, Nathanson Centre on Transnational Human Rights, York University ($10,000)

2017  Zdenka Volavka Research Fellowship in Art History, York University ($6,000)


2017  Graduate Research Development Fund, York University ($1,800)


2016  (SSHRC) Minor Research Grant awarded by Social Science and Humanities Research Council Small Grants Program. ($5,000)


2016   Minor Research Grant awarded by the school of Art, Media, Performance and Design (AMPD),  York University. ($1,500)


2016   (SSHRC) Social Science and Humanities Research Council Doctoral Scholarship Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship Program,  ($105,000)


2015   York University Doctoral Scholarship for Academic Excellence ($5,000)


2014    Imam Tawfiq Shaheen Memorial Scholarship for Outstanding Research Advancing the Field of Islamic Arts, Culture, History and Tradition ($2,780.00) 


2014   (SSHRC) Social Science and Humanities Research Council Master’s Scholarship, Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship Program, ($17, 500)


2014   TD Graduate Travel Scholarship in Migration and Diaspora Studies for Thesis Research, Carleton University ($3,600)


2014   Red Quill Books Graduate Scholarship for Social Justice ($500)


2014   Graduate Research Travel Grant awarded by School for Studies in Art and Culture for Thesis research, Carleton University ($2,400)


2014   Graduate Research Travel Grant awarded by Faculty of Graduate and Post-Doctoral Affairs for Thesis research, Carleton University (2,400)


2013   Art History Graduate Academic Excellence Scholarship, Carleton University ($8,000)


2013   Art History Graduate Academic Excellence Scholarship, Carleton University ($6,000)


2013   Dean’s Graduate Academic Excellence Scholarship, Carleton University ($2,000)


2013   Gender Studies Scholarship for Strong Contribution to the Institute of Women’s Studies at the University of Ottawa ($1,000)


2012- 2013    Merit Scholarship for Academic Excellence, University of Ottawa ($1,000)


2012- 2013    Deans Honour Roll at the University of Ottawa (4,000)


2012   Edmund and Isobel Ryan Visual Arts Scholarship in Photography, First Prize ($1,000)


2012   Gasto Héon Memorial Fund in Arts for Academic Excellence ($2,000)



2021  Book Chapter (peer-reviewed).Gayed, Andrew. “Queering the Middle Eastern Diaspora: Art,

          Representation and Geography.” The Routledge Handbook on Middle Eastern Diasporas. Edited               by Dr. Dalia Abdelhady and Dr. Ramy Aly. Routledge: Taylor and Frances Group. (Forthcoming)


2020  Book Chapter (peer-reviewed). Gayed, Andrew. "Coming out a l'Oriental: Diasporic Art and          

           Colonial Wounds."Pioneer Lies and Propertied Lives: Canadian Art and Colonial Visual        

           Culture. Edited by Dr. Erin Morton.Kingston, Ontario: McGill-Queen's University Press.



2020  Book Chapter (peer-reviewed). Gayed, Andrew. “Curating the Diaspora: Arab Representation in 

          Canadian Museums.” Voices from Within: Literature, Cinema and Arts of Arab Canadians. Edited by

          May Telmissany & Walid El Khachab. Ottawa, Canada: University of Ottawa Press. (Forthcoming)


2019  Journal Article (peer-reviewed). Gayed, Andrew. “Homoeroticism in Colonial Archives and Arab

          Contemporary Art.” Journal of Anthropology of Contemporary Middle East and Central Eurasia. 

          United Kingdom: Sean Kingston Publishing. Vol 5.1, Summer 2019. Special Issue: Photography, 

          Gender and Sexuality. ISSN: 2211-5730. (Forthcoming, 2019)


2018   Journal Article (peer-reviewed). Gayed, Andrew and Siobhan Angus. “Visual Pedagogies: 

           Decolonizing and Decentering the History of Photography.” Studies in Art and Education.

           Routledge: Taylor and Frances Group. Volume 59 Issue (3). Pg  228-242 August 2018. Special

           Issue: In the Shadow of Change. ISSN: 0039-3541 


2018   Journal Article (peer-reviewed). Gayed, Andrew. “Methods to Global Art Histories: Museums and

           the Islamicate.” Kunstlicht Journal for Visual Art, Visual Culture and Architecture.Vrije University

           Amsterdam, Netherlands. Vol. 40 (2018) no. 1. September 2018. Pg 48-59. Special Issue:

           "Globalizing Art's Histories: Politics and Paradoxes" ISSN: 0921-5026


2017   Journal Article.Gayed, Andrew. “Islamicate Sexualities: The Artworks of Ebrin Bagheri” Esse Arts

           + Opinions. Special Issue LGBTQIA, No. 91, Spring 2017. Pg 16-25. ISSN: 0831-859X


2017   Book Chapter (peer-reviewed).Gayed, Andrew. “Queering Middle Eastern Contemporary Art and

          its Diaspora.” Unsettling Colonial Modernity: Islamicate Contexts in Focus.Edited by Siavash Saffari,

           Roxana Akhbari, Kara Abdolmaleki, Evelyn Hamdon. Cambridge Scholars Publishing: London, 

           United Kingdom. 2017. Pages 140-155.  ISBN: 978-1-4438-7317-8.


2017   Journal Article.Gayed, Andrew. "The Writing of Arab Art Histories: Dismantling ‘The West and the

           Rest’"International Journal of Studies on Art and Humanities. Istanbul, Turkey: DAKAM Eastern

           Mediterranean Academic Research Center.Visual Arts and Identity,Volume 1, Issue 1, 2017. Pages

           5-12.  ISBN: 978-605-9207-75-1.


2014   Journal Article (peer-reviewed). Gayed, Andrew. "The Exilic Aesthetic: Articulations of Patriotism

           by the Expatriate."Persona Journal, the Department of Theatre and Film Arts at the Superior          

           School of Art in Portugal.Experiments and Displacements, Volume 2, Issue 1, 2014. Pages 37-54.



National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa. “Worlding Gender Epistemologies.” TrACE (Transnational and 

Transcultural Arts and Culture Exchange) Academy conference, Worlding the Global: The Arts in a Decolonial Age (invited). November 2019. 


Koç University Suna & İnan Kıraç Center for Mediterranean Civilizations. Antalya, Turkey. Currents and Currency: Cultural Circulations in the Mediterranean and Beyond. June 13-15 2019. 


Cambridge University, England UK. Liminal Borders: Constructing and Deconstructing Borders in World History.World History Workshop and Conference. May 18 2019 (accepted). 


Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), Montreal Quebec. Interculturality, Decolonial 

Methodologies, Art Education (invited).May 15-17, 2019.

Congress of the College Art Association (CAA), New York City. Geographies and Art Histories: 

Diaspora, Decolonizing and Praxis. February 13-16 2019. 


Congress of the Universities Art Association of Canada (UAAC), University of Waterloo. Panel on Diaspora and Cultural Exchange. October 25-27 2018.


Salzburg International Academy of Fine Arts, Salzburg Austria. Global Academy II: Examples of Transcultural Exchange. Panel: Art in the Global South. August 11-12 2018.


German Documentation Centre for Art History, Marburg Germany. Photography and Society International Conference. Panel: Ubiquity and Photography. July 17-21 2018.

British Museum, London UK. Art, Materiality and Representation SOAS (School of Oriental and African

Studies) Conference. Panel: Beauty and the Beast: Photography, the Body and Sexual Discourse in the Middle East and Central Eurasia. June 1-3 2018


University of Toronto. 5th Annual Wollesen Memorial Art History Symposium, Art of Passage.

Presented: Methods to Global Art Histories. March 9, 2018. Keynote Dr. Iftikhar Dadi


Congress of the College Art Association (CAA), Los Angeles, California. Decolonizing Art Histories, the

Intersections of Diaspora and World Studies. February 21-24 2018.


Harvard University, Cambridge. 6th Annual Divinity School Conference, Ways of Knowing Conference

on Religion. Panel on Materiality in the Study of Religion. October 26-28, 2017. 

DAKAM (Eastern Mediterranean Academic Research Center), Istanbul, Turkey. CONTEMPHOTO '17 International Visual Culture and Photography Conference. Presented: The Writing of Arab Art History. May 12-13, 2017.

Carleton University, Rethinking Canada 150: Networks and Nodes in Asian Canadian Visual Culture, Panel on Transnational Diasporic Visual Culture, April 12-13 2017

University of Toronto, Decolinizing Conference. “Race, Anti-Racism & Indigeneity: Anti-Colonial Resurgence & Decolonial Resistance.” Panel on decolonizing museum representation. Nov 2016

Congress of the Universities Art Association of Canada (UAAC), L'Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). Panel on Diaspora & World Art Studies. Oct. 27-30 2016.

York University, Toronto. Navigating the Metamodern, Art History Symposium. Presented: Curating the Diaspora, March 19, 2016.

University of Alberta, Conference: Unsettling Colonial Modernity: Islamicate Contexts in Focus April 24-25, 2015. Keynote Dr. Sherene Razack

Duke University, North Carolina. 12th Annual Duke-UNC Islamic Studies Conference: Theories and Practices of Meaning in Islamicate Aesthetics. March 21-22, 2015.

Oxford University, United Kingdom. 7th Global Diaspora Conference: Exploring Critical Issues. Presented: Queering Art Production in the Diaspora, July 5-7, 2014

Oxford University, Refugee Studies Centre. Refugee Voices Conference, Presented: The Exilic Aesthetic, Articulations of Patriotism by the Expatriate. March 2014

York University, Arab Canadian Research Conference: Homeland: Transnationalism, Identity andArab Canadians. Presented: Articulations of Patriotism by the Expatriate. Mar 5-6, 2014

Carleton University, Access/Restriction, Art History Symposium. Presented: Middle Eastern Political Art and its Diaspora. March 8, 2014

Carleton University, Queering Transnational Identity. Graduate Conference. April 4, 2014



Keynotes, Guest Lectures and Invited Talks

Invited Speaker, Fotografika Academy of Documentary Photography, St. Petersburg Russia. Public lecture, Presented: “Documenting War, Trauma and The Single Narrative: Photography In the Middle East.” May 19, 2018.

Keynote Speaker, University of California Berkeley, Center for Race and Gender. Scholars Speaker series, Spring 2017

Keynote Speaker, Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), “Gender and Sexuality across Time and Cultures” in Conversation with Museum Curator Asato Ikeda, and British Museum Curator Richard Parkinson. June 21, 2016

Guest Lecturer, York University, GS/ARTH4800, Contemporary Asian Art, Lecture on Diaspora and Global Art Market, March 2017.

Guest Lecturer, York University, GS/ARTH5100, Graduate Course: Methodology and Historiography, Lecture on postcolonial research methodologies, December 2016

Moderator and Speaker, Carleton University, “Transnational Queer Theory”, in conversation with Richard Meyer of Stanford. Feburuary 2015.

Guest Lecturer, University of Ottawa, CMN3104, Gender and Media. Lecture on Contemporary Art and Postcolonialism. March 11, 2015.

Guest Lecturer, University of Ottawa, ART3118, Art, Globalization and Cultural Hybridity. Lecture on Postcolonialism and Contemporary Art. February 11, 2015.

Guest Lecturer, University of Ottawa, ART4936, Photography/Media Advanced Studio Practice, December 2013

Guest Lecturer, University of Ottawa, ARB3101, Arab Cinema and Visual Media. Lecture on

Middle Eastern Contemporary Art and Cinema. November 2014

Guest Lecturer, University of Ottawa, CMN3104, Gender and Media. Lecture on Political Art, Sexuality and Nationalism. June 2014